Hit and Run Accidents in Texas

Hit and run accidents are among the most common types of car accidents in Texas, and they often leave victims scared and unsure of what to do next. Texas is ranked among the top ten states in the country for its high number of hit and run accidents.

Many victims of hit and run accidents require help to find the driver that hit them. Thorough investigations are required to track down and hold the person who caused the collision and then fled accountable. You may see requests for help to identify the driver who caused the accident on the local news.

Hit and Run Texas Law

Committing a hit and run accident in Texas is a serious criminal offense, especially if the accident involved serious bodily injury, wrongful death, or property damage.

It is the duty of all Texas drivers to stop and render aid and/or provide insurance information when involved in a car accident. There are serious penalties for leaving the scene of a car accident that range from a misdemeanor to a felony depending on the circumstances.

The penalties for causing a hit and run accident under the Texas Penal Code include:

  • Fines of up to $500 if it was a minor accident
  • Up to six months in county jail if the estimated car accident damage was more than $200
  • Two to ten years in prison for fleeing the scene of a car accident that resulted in serious bodily injury or death

If you are involved in a hit and run accident, you should still follow all appropriate car accident protocols if possible including calling emergency services to report the incident. If you have been injured, seek immediate treatment from the emergency medical personnel who arrive at the scene of the accident. Try to remember everything you can about the vehicle that hit you, including the make, model, and color. If you saw the driver, try to remember details about their appearance, including if they were male or female, younger or older, had dark or light hair, etc. All of these details will help the police locate and identify the vehicle and offending driver that caused the car crash. Take pictures of the scene of the accident, including your vehicle and any property damage sustained. If there were witnesses, ask for their contact information and ask if they saw the vehicle that hit you. If you are able to, take a moment to walk around the area near where the accident took place, looking for security cameras that may have recorded the incident. This evidence could be essential in finding the at-fault driver and pursuing legal action against them.

After gathering as much information as possible, inform your auto insurance provider about the accident. In Texas, if you involved in a hit and run accident, you can still make a claim under your own uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage.

Your insurance company was required to offer you additional coverage for being hit by an uninsured driver when you bought your policy. If you did not reject this coverage in writing, the insurance company will be required to pay for the damages caused by the hit and run accident. Damages may include medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, property damage, and more.

Unfortunately, your insurance company may make it difficult for you to receive payment for your claim. They will want you to prove that you were actually struck by another vehicle that then fled the scene. Having an experienced hit and run accident attorney on your side to help prove your case will make the process much easier. Insurance companies are notorious for doing all they can to deny valid claims and pay as little as possible. Hiring a competent, reliable motor vehicle accident attorney soon after the crash will be critical to receiving as much financial compensation as possible for your damages. Your attorney will help build your case by gathering evidence, speaking to the police, talking to witnesses, and working all applicable insurance companies.

Hit and Run Lawyer

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