Refinery Explosions

When refinery explosions happen, injured workers often find out how little their employer cares about them. Our legal team is here to hold the responsible parties accountable and ensure you get what you need while you recover.

Texas is home to a number of oil refineries and thus has seen some of the worst refinery explosions in history. Working closely with combustible materials every day makes it an extremely dangerous workplace; and accidents can happen every day, even if a massive explosion does not occur.

While oil companies purport to take workplace safety seriously, they have been known to put profits ahead of safety. Many explosions and serious accidents are caused by the corporate negligence or carelessness with the standards and/or working conditions. We often see that routine maintenance is not done properly or ignored altogether. Additionally, when refineries close down for maintenance for part of the year, key parts of the checklist for starting the plant back up are missed which can cause misfortune.

When an accident does occur at a refinery, it often is very serious and the victims are permanently injured and cannot go back to work. The oil companies may have little interest in helping a former worker and will do what they can to protect their profits. J.D. Silva & Associates has worked with countless victims of refinery accidents and their families to help them recover from a serious work injury or even in the event of a wrongful death. We make sure the oil companies provide for the people injured while in their service by paying for medical bills, rehabilitation fees, lost wages, other financial support, and pain and suffering. These companies should have to take responsibility and pay for the damages they cause. Our goal is to help our clients recover and hold these companies accountable so they are forced to create better working conditions.

Texas Refinery Explosion Law Firm

If you were injured or a loved one was killed as the result of a refinery explosion or other workplace accident, contact J.D. Silva & Associates at 281-971-3200 as soon as possible. We can evaluate your potential case and direct the appropriate course of action. We know how oil companies approach these cases and have the experience and resources to fight for you every step of the way. Ultimately, our team wants to make sure you get the help you deserve during this difficult time.

Frequently Asked Questions: Refinery Accidents

What Are Common Causes of Refinery Accidents?

Common causes of refinery explosions and other accidents include mechanical wear and tear of equipment and machinery, poor training of refinery workers, electrical problems, dangerous chemicals, poor facility maintenance, inadequate ventilation, and more.

Who Can I Sue For My Refinery Accident Injury?

Refinery work often involves a variety of potential businesses. Your first target would be the refinery operator – this company is often also the owner, but not always, so these could be two or more parties you can file claims against. In addition to refinery owners and/or operators, you may be able to bring a claim against contractors and subcontractors involved in your work operations.

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