When an animal attacks you or a loved one, it can cause not only physical damage, but also emotional scarring. Our experienced lawyers will make sure the owner is held accountable, you are compensated for your suffering, and the animal is kept from harming others.

While most of the time interacting with animals is a positive experience, animals can sometimes attack and lash out, particularly if they feel threatened. A bite, scratch, or kick can cause an injury and possibly permanent disfigurement to a person, and in some extreme cases death. If the victim of a dog bite or animal attack is a child, or an elderly person, there can be deadly consequences.

When an animal attack occurs, it is important to seek medical attention quickly and make sure wounds aren’t more serious than they first appear. After that, people aren’t always sure where to turn or even if they can get compensated for the suffering they have gone through. J.D. Silva & Associates is here to help all animal attack victims and their loved ones move forward. Particularly if the owner of the animal was known by the victim, we can help take some of the strain out of legal dealings involving a family member or friend whose animal was the attacker.

Texas Dog Bite Cases

In order to obtain compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, and other damages, Texas law requires the victim prove the owner of the animal was negligent in some way that lead to the attack. Our legal team has the knowledge and resources to investigate your case and find evidence of this negligence to share with the court. We can determine if the owner allowed the animal attack to happen either through carelessness or by training an animal to intentionally harm others.

Animal Attack Lawyer Frequently Asked Questions

How common are dog bites?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), dogs bite more than 4.7 million people each year, with children making up the majority of animal attack victims. In Texas, where many people own dogs, it is important to know your rights whether you’re the bite victim or the dog owner.

Is the Owner Responsible For My Dog Bite Injury?

Dog owners have a responsibility to protect the public from their pets. In fact, nearly every city in Texas has regulations in place to protect the public like leash laws. Unfortunately, not all dog owners know the law or choose to abide by it, believing their pet would never hurt anyone. In Texas, dog owners are liable for any costs associated with an attack by their animal. Texas dog bite laws are especially strict; therefore, if an owner knows their dog is aggressive they should take the appropriate precautions to protect others.

How Can I Document My Dog Bite Injuries?

Documenting injuries after an animal attack is important for your case. Obviously, you should take care of yourself and obtain medical treatment as soon as possible, but you should also not forget to note any and all injuries with photos, videos, and medical records. You should also document the effects your injuries have on your daily life. Keeping detailed records of financial costs and your pain and suffering will help your lawyer maximize compensation for your injuries.

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