Slip and Fall

A seemingly small accident can cause serious injuries. Should a slip and fall event cause severe physical injuries, it makes sense to talk to an experienced personal injury attorney to see if another’s negligence caused your damages.

Trips happen every day. Normally they are minor incidents that cause a bruise at worst. However, sometimes they can be much more harmful, resulting in serious injury.

If you are injured in a fall, you may be wondering whether it makes sense to bring a suit against someone. The lawyers at J.D. Silva & Associates can evaluate the facts of your case and determine the best course of action. Often, we see premises liability accidents – including slip and falls – are actually caused by the negligence of someone else, in which case you should seek the compensation you deserve and hold the responsible party or parties accountable. Making sure the wrongdoers help remedy your situation can mean others won’t have to suffer as you did.

There are many common places where slips and falls occur as a result of someone not properly taking care of a surface. Sidewalks and roads that are not properly maintained – such as those having potholes, uneven concrete, and insufficient signage – could be the cause of a fall. Additionally, during bad weather, the city or state may not take adequate steps to ensure the roads and sidewalks are safe. Any of these conditions could cause an accident and the appropriate municipality should be held accountable. In a private space, such as a home or place of business, there may be floors that are not properly maintained, a water spill that was not cleaned up, or a slippery floor without warning signage to alert people. Parking lots and curbs that are not kept up can also cause a slip or trip and fall accident. The lawyers at JD Silva can help you to determine what might have caused your slip and fall and assess if a case can be brought against a responsible party.

Houston Premises Liability Lawyers

J.D. Silva & Associates is here to help evaluate your case if you believe a slip and fall accident might not be your fault. Contact us today at 281-971-3200 and will start investigating the facts. We will work hard so you can focus on recovering.

Frequently Asked Questions: Houston Premises Liability

When Will a Property Owner Be Held Financially Responsible For my injuries?

Texas law states property owners who know or should have known about a dangerous condition or hazard on their property but failed to warn visitors of the hazard or repair it may be held responsible for the resulting injuries. An experienced Houston slip-and-fall attorney can help you determine what you’re owed after an accident on someone else’s property. Most premises liability claims are filed against business owners; but, when serious accidents occur at a residence, victims can file a claim for damages.

What Steps Should I Take After a Commercial Premises Liability Accident?

  1. File an injury report
  2. Document the dangerous condition, especially with photos and video if possible
  3. Seek immediate medical attention
  4. Talk to a personal injury lawyer

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